Update on Seaford Beach Access Campaign

I have been on the case recently to move forward with this campaign, to have matting on our beach at Seaford. This will enable everybody with all mobility issues, whether you are a wheelchair user or use walking aids, even buggies and prams to enjoy our wonderful and very idyllic beach at Seaford, on the Southeast coast of England.

If you don’t know by now, you have been living under a rock. I am fully committed to see this campaign through. I have been furiously typing away, like a Meerkat on prosaic, writing e-mails to Seaford Town Council and even gone as far to writing an old fashioned letter to Her Majesty The Queen. Which, very surprisingly I did receive a reply. In summery Her Majesty wrote she doesn’t get involved in personal projects such as this one. I was a bit miffed at this response, as this cause would benefit the entire community. However, I did not write back and dispute it. I was just overwhelmed with the fact that I received a letter directly from Buckingham Palace. Her words of motivation and support within her response is enough to have the drive to move drastically forward with this cause.

Working very closely with Seaford Town Council, I have had two meetings with them so far. Discussing and planning way as to which access the shingle can be accomplished. I have come away from each meeting feeling extremely positive about the whole possibilities of beach access.

Beach access has been achieved over in Southend-on-Sea in Essex. I have been in contact with the Scope (national well known charity) co-ordinator in Essex, of the Local People’s Program, a group that helps changes access for disabled people. They have been very helpful and this campaign wouldn’t be moving so rapidly forward in the right direction without all their input and help.

The overall prospect of all this happening on our beach looks very hopeful. I will continue to work very hard to see this though. Yes, I’ll admit, I have fought for this before. However, this time I have worked around it completely a different way to the first go at it. Gaining comments and feedback from local residence as to how access to the beach will benefit them. Much to my amazement, I have received an overwhelming response to my posts on Social Media regarding this topic. All feedback was collated by me and put together in a presentable folder, to which I presented to the Council, along with digitalized plans and tons of ideas of how the matting and pathways could be implemented.

You may follow this campaign on Facebook, through the dedicated Page I have setup. Please ‘Like’ as I am trying to get as much support as I can. You can find the Page here:


As a website designer myself, I have designed and built a site purposely for this cause. But of course, if you’ve found this article on the Seaford Beach Access website, you’ve already found it. If you haven’t the site can be located at the following address.


I would really encourage you to continue to follow this campaign through to the bitter end with me. Support beach access for all, as ultimately don’t we all have right to access and enjoy the beach? Remember beaches are good for the soul, the mind and mental health, it is a great way to escape our everyday problems. The sound of the waves crashing against the shingle is so soothing and transcendent, that sound with your eyes closed can take you to a new plane of life. Some are missing out on this just because of the fact the shingle is a barrier. It should be the simplest thing, have a pathway our our beach. I ask myself, why is it so hard to do?

Thank you for reading this, let’s make our beach in Seaford accessible to everybody.